The video below has five quick and easy ways to get the phone ringing for your carpet cleaning business. We cover some foundational and simple ideas, and a few items specific to marketing to your existing customers and encouraging referral business. Let us know what you think!

Don’t have time for the video? Here are the 5 tips summarized:

  • Invest in business cards – leave cards behind with happy customers to encourage referrals.
  • Leave behind refrigerator magnets – keep your brand top of mind by giving everyone a magnet to use on their fridge/metallic surface.
  • Write thank you cards – a physical note with a heartfelt “thank you” can make a huge impact on your clients’ perception of your service.
  • Hang “door hangers” in target neighborhoods – having a slow week? Spend some time hanging advertisements on front doors. Include an offer for a basic cleaning, some information about your company, and anything that makes you stand out from the competition.
  • Leave spotter bottles with every customer – help customers keep their carpets clean between professional cleanings with a branded spotter bottle. Stay top of mind, and activate the law of reciprocity by giving your customers a valuable gift.

Bonus tips:

  • make sure all of your collateral and print materials look professional and match your brand.
  • set a minimum service charge and always at least charge your minimum.
  • don’t be afraid to follow up and ask for a review on Google (or Facebook) a few days after your visit.
  • build rapport and get to know all of your customers – you never know where your next referral will come from!

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