About Us

We strive to be a welcoming community of floor and carpet cleaning specialists, and a great resource for information on how to start and succeed in carpet cleaning. This project is a collaboration between two brothers, Dan and Kevin Udy – learn more about us below.

A message from Dan Udy, Owner & Carpet Cleaning Professional at A-1 Carpet Care & Co-founder of Carpet Cleaning Jumpstart:

Why Carpet Cleaning Jumpstart?

Several months ago my brother approached me with the idea of creating a platform for sharing information about how to successfully start a carpet cleaning business. We agreed it would be rewarding to help others create, start, launch, and grow carpet cleaning businesses, so when he approached me with the idea I immediately and enthusiastically agreed. I am very dedicated to poring much of my valuable time and energy toward my peers in the industry, in order to give back to this industry that has given us so much.

I can speak for both of us when I say we are very excited to be teamed up as brothers producing valuable content and sharing real-world experience to empower the new carpet cleaning professional. Together we have launched this new adventure of broadcasting information designed to empower the carpet cleaning business owner/entrepreneur and we are excited to share valuable information specifically designed to shave years off a traditional learning curve within our industry.

About Kevin

Kevin Udy, my younger brother and very good friend of mine is an extremely talented, disciplined, and hard-working professional that brings an immense amount of experience in the areas of digital marketing, search engine optimization and overall website dominance.  He is currently traveling around the country, working (part-time) and enjoying a lifestyle he has worked hard to produce for himself, his fiance Carrie, and his awesome dog Phoenix.

In his career as a digital marketing strategist, Kevin has been extremely successful in helping me and hundreds of other business owners with their web presence and digital marketing over the last decade. Kevin built our company’s website (www.A1-Carpet-Care.com) over 10 years ago and has been solely responsible for it’s tremendous growth and success. This website and accompanying digital marketing strategies now generate a very healthy, steady and growing number of phone calls, messages and emails every single day. Kevin has insight and intuitive creativity that positions companies that he chooses to work with way ahead of the competition in a variety of markets.

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A message from Kevin Udy, Owner & Consultant at Kevin Udy Digital Marketing & Co-founder of Carpet Cleaning Jumpstart:


Why Carpet Cleaning Jumpstart?

My older brother, Dan Udy, has been inspiring me for years. I admire the positivity and energy he brings every day to entrepreneurship and running a wildly successful carpet cleaning business. I also admire how dedicated he is to his family, and to his own self improvement. My transition to self-employment was partially inspired by seeing how Dan has succeeded year after year by just giving it his all.

When I saw how rewarding it is for Dan to help others get started as business owners, the idea for Carpet Cleaning Jumpstart immediately came to mind. Before I even proposed the idea to Dan, I was excited about bringing the project to life and working on a creative project directly with him. Dan’s passion for helping others and showing gratitude through service is admirable, and through this project I hope to help amplify his voice.


About Dan

Dan has an incredible work ethic, and has enjoyed two successful careers – first as a submarine Missile Technician in the Navy, and then the owner/operator of a busy carpet cleaning and emergency water extraction business. Dan truly loves connecting with people and impressing customers with spectacular customer service, and it shows daily in his business.

He lives a happy life with his family in South-East Georgia. His wife Angela is his partner in the carpet cleaning business, and his two kids, Marilyn and Warren, are incredibly smart kids who are having a great time figuring out life together.

In 10 years of carpet cleaning, Dan has grown his business and improved his services relentlessly. A-1 is now the undisputed best carpet cleaning company in Camden County, Georgia. Dan has never stopped improving his industry knowledge, cleaning skills, business knowledge, and management skills. He is a great source of information for anyone looking to get started in the carpet and floor care industry.

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