There is one thing that almost every single carpet cleaner fails to do that unfortunately delivers many problems and eventually leads to failure. They think completely backwards when it comes to the type of business that they are actually in.  Carpet Cleaners think they are in the “cleaning business.”  This is a huge mistake. This incorrect thought creates feelings and emotions which drive all your actions and eventually leads to undesired results. Thoughts are much more important than most people believe.  To uproot this thought and replace it with the truth can be the foundation of monumental success for you moving forward.

So, the thing that most carpet cleaning businesses fail to do is realize they are not in the cleaning business – they are in the people business! They fail to make human connection and helping other people feel good a cornerstone of their business. This shift in thinking and focus can revolutionize your ability to successfully build, grow and develop your company in powerful ways.


It’s Not About Carpet Cleaning

How clean you are able to get a floor or carpet is important, but it pales in comparison to how you make your customers feel.  If you can come to truly understand how important it is to focus on making people feel good; your business will thrive.  We all have an energy about us, a way in which others view us that is a reflection of how we view ourselves.  In order to become really proficient at making people feel good we first need to focus on other people. This is the keystone to “humility” – not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less.

It is unfortunate, but most people are selfish and self-centered. It is our nature as humans.  While we know we aren’t the most important person in the world, we are damn-near all we ever think about.  To know this is powerful. When you can learn to exploit the selfish nature of every human being to influence them, you have developed a gift that will earn you a fortune.  Every single interaction you have with any person that may become a client (anyone and everyone) you have an opportunity to touch and affect their life in a powerful way. Start by learning how to ask questions in an inquisitive and curious way and then listen to the responses.  Learn to listen so well that people get the feeling you are really interested in them and what they want and how they feel.  The best part is that you will grow and become a more kind, compassionate and loving person in the process.

When people get the overwhelming feeling that you care and listen in a way most do not, they will be overcome with a strong desire to hire you and/or your company.  All that’s left to do is an amazing job cleaning for them! And the secret is, that part is easy; perfect results don’t matter – but perfect effort does. Just do the very best job you know how to do for them and they will more than likely love you and your company.  Be honest at all times and communicate effectively. Listen more and talk less. Way less.

I spent over nine years successfully building our carpet cleaning business in spite of incorrect and sub-par cleaning practices.  I was successful because I became really good at making people feel good – even if their carpets weren’t always getting cleaned very well.  While I don’t recommend this same path, it’s important to mention because it proves that we are not in the cleaning business. Most carpet cleaners spend so much time, energy and money focusing on the “cleaning” aspect of their business and completely neglect the people.  Carpet wouldn’t need to be cleaned if it weren’t for people!  Carpet’s won’t hire you or refer you to other carpets for cleaning.  No matter how terrible you are with people, you can learn simple, effective and powerful ways to reprogram and develop your “people-skills” immediately and have tremendous success in your business and personal life. Practice smiling more and asking more questions.  Practice better listening, and while listening try putting yourself in other people’s shoes while they talk or explain their plight.

Practice with friends, family, and every person you come into contact with.  Become interested in them!  Make new friends all day long, every single day.  Find a way to bring them something they want or think they need, do it with no regard for yourself or what you can “get.”  Do it for fun knowing it will serve you in ways you cannot imagine. This practice will become second nature and you’ll become really good at it.  This one skill will deliver you more success for your business than all others combined; as we are truly in the people business.  We are in the “make people feel good business!” Even if you think you are really good with people already and don’t “need” to make progress in this area – you couldn’t be more wrong.  Everybody can and should continue to develop and grow in this area. Everybody stands to gain a lot by choosing to make this a top priority for your business and your life.

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To really make progress on these skills, I recommend that you start discovering and reading books that will help you progress, learn, and grow. First and foremost, I have to recommend, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It is a timeless book that will help you get your mindset pointed in the right direction.

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